• 1 Easy management
    We make easy solutions for complicated tasks using a simple management platform. We combine technology, time and effort to give one simple solution to gain more efficiency.
  • 2 Go Green
    Sealtabs provide the most cost effective manner to reduce the usage of paper and print. Save paper and help build a greener planet for the future generation to cherish its beauty..
  • 3 Communication
    Sealtabs Creates a platform where each individual is provided with a facility to eliminate the communication barrier.
  • 4 Time
    No More Racks of Registers! No More large storage area required! No More multiple data source! We create a 'One Stop Data Forum', such that you dont spend time in collecting and creating data. We provide support and solutions to overcome the time management issues, by providing effective technical solutions. "Never let yesterday use up today"


Sealtabs is a web based application designed and developed to support educational institutions. It is used to monitor and nurture students to provide a superior class of education. Sealtabs also provides support function to various administrative activities performed by the institution.

A li'l more

SEALTABS – Systematic Education Assessment Link.
This application has been primarily designed as a Performance Management Application to provide a clear interpretation of Student's academic performances. Where it helps the educators and individuals to understand their strengths and potential areas of improvement.
Secondly, the application is designed and developed in a manner to accommodate the institution's various administrative activities, wherein a lot of man hours are spent in handling papers and prints to finally provide instant reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually). SEALTABS can also take customization requirements if required by the institution.
Most of all, we at Sealtabs are doing our part to reduce the usage of paper & print in various activities in all the institutions. Keeping the culture and foundation of institution intact, we provide an immediate implementation plan to reduce their carbon foot print.